Wand Attachments and Refills


Wild and uncontrolled is not the way to play with a Wand Toy. Nor is allowing your cat to play tug of war with the lure or feather attachment. This will undoubtedly result in destroying the toy prematurely.

There are several safe ways to use Wand Teaser toys.

You can land the lure toy or feather behind an obstacle so the "prey" is hiding. You can also bob the toy around the cat's head, but within jumping distance, to simulate a flying creature. You can also put the tip of the wand on the floor, and use it to drag the toy past a cat's ambush position. All of these are safe ways to use your wand.

Never leave your cat alone with a wand toy (or any other toy for that matter). No cat toy is indestructible. They can try to drag the toy part away to hide it, and catch the wand on something and break it. They could make a wrong move and poke themselves, or simply settle down for a shredding session, ruining the toy completely.

Remember the wand is not the toy. Keep the wand part as far away from your cat as possible. It is only there to move the toy at the end,in ways that will interest your cat.

A favourite technique of ours is to flutter the toy against a wall or cat tree, mimicking the noises and actions of a fly knocking against a window.

For a big finish, allow your cat to complete the hunting cycle with a few successful 'kills'. Frustration will set in by not letting them catch their prey as well as missing out on that extra fun.