Da Bird and Attachments

Please refer to Wand Attachments and Refills for hints on safe play with wands with lure or feather attachments.

Go Cat Super Glitter Wand **NEW**

Da Bird with Pull-Apart Pole with Guinea Attachment

Da Bird with Pull-Apart Pole with Turkey Attachment


Da Bird Guinea with Long One- Piece Rod

Da Bird Turkey with Long One-Piece Rod

Cat Catcher

Cat Catcher Mice Refill

Da Bee

Da Bee Refill

Da Purr-Peller Cat Teaser Wand

Da Purr- Peller Refill

Da Bird Super Refills

Da Bird Attachment- Guinea Fowl Feather Refill

Da Bird Attachment- Turkey Feather Refill

dawildthing attachment

Da Wild Thing Attachment

Da Bird Attachment- Kitty Puff

Sparkling Kitty Duster Refill

Da Rat Attachment

Da Bird Attachment- Sparkler

Da Ball Refills (2 pack) **Back in Stock**

Da Bird Attachment- Fur Fun

Da Birdie Refill

Da Zebra Fish

Da Feather Mouse

Da Dragonfly

Da Octopus Attachment

Da Goldfish Attachment