Pampered Cats Playground's range of Ball cat Toys includes SPOT, Vo-Toys, Go Cat, Bergan, Jackson Galaxy, Multipet, Hartz, Zanies and Go Cat Go.Ball textures include sponge, plush, plastic, mylar, fur, with or without feathers and with or without bells.


Wool and Mylar Crinkle Balls **NEW**

Turbo Tail **NEW**

Fur Balls 2" Natural Colours **NEW**

Shabby Chic Ping Pong Heads **Back In Stock**

Candy Poms

Nylon Crinkle Balls

Opalescent Mylar Balls

Sponge Ball with Feathers

Multicoloured Spiky Ball

Turbo Fuzzy Balls

Turbo Mop Balls

Mylar Ball 1.5 "

Kitty Kopter

Whirly Pop Cat Ball

Fuzzy Plush Balls

Mini Crinkle Balls

Fur Pong

Feather Pong

Fur Balls

Sponge Soccer Ball - Each

Sponge Soccer Balls (4 pack)

Sponge Soccer Balls by Vo-Toys (2 pack)

Two-Tone Sponge Ball (Each)

Spiked Out Cat Balls (Each)

Spiked Out Cat Balls (4 pack)

Shimmer Balls (each)

Shimmer Balls- 4 pack

Sponge Ball

Lattice Ball

Sun Balls

Plush Animal Print Balls with Rattle

Mylar Balls- Medium

Medium Crinkle Ball by Cancor

Glitter Pom Poms (4 pack)

Sparkle Puffs


Felted Balls

Cat Rattles

Fur Balls 2"

Xmas Woollen Balls

Slotted Balls (each)