Pampered Cats Playground's range of Ball cat Toys includes SPOT, Vo-Toys, Go Cat, Bergan, Jackson Galaxy, Multipet, Hartz, Zanies and Go Cat Go.Ball textures include sponge, plush, plastic, mylar, fur, with or without feathers and with or without bells.


Quiet Glow Play Pair Balls 2 Pk **Back In Stock**

Wool and Mylar Crinkle Balls **NEW**

Turbo Tail **NEW**

Fur Balls 2" Natural Colours **NEW**

Shabby Chic Ping Pong Heads **Back In Stock**

Candy Poms

Nylon Crinkle Balls

Opalescent Mylar Balls

Sponge Ball with Feathers

Multicoloured Spiky Ball

Turbo Fuzzy Balls

Turbo Mop Balls

Fuzzy Pom Poms (4 pack)


Wuggles Wool Ball with Feathers

Mylar Ball 1.5 "

Kitty Kopter

Whirly Pop Cat Ball

Fuzzy Plush Balls

Mini Crinkle Balls

Fur Pong

Feather Pong

Fur Balls

Sponge Soccer Ball - Each

Sponge Soccer Balls (4 pack)

Sponge Soccer Balls by Vo-Toys (2 pack)

Sponge Clutch Balls (Each)

Two-Tone Sponge Ball (Each)

Spiked Out Cat Balls (Each)

Spiked Out Cat Balls (4 pack)

Zig-N-Zag Cat Exercise Ball

Shimmer Balls (each)

Shimmer Balls- 4 pack

Sponge Ball

Lattice Ball

Sun Balls

Plush Animal Print Balls with Rattle

Mini Tennis Ball (Each)

Mylar Balls- Medium

Jumbo Crinkle Ball by Cancor

Glitter Pom Poms (4 pack)

Sparkle Puffs


Felted Balls

Cat Rattles

Fur Balls 2"

Jackson Galaxy Puma Paws

Xmas Woollen Balls

Slotted Balls (each)