Funkitty Doorway Dangler and Treat Dispenser

  • Description

This toy is a soft plastic treat-dispensing toy.

The Funkitty Doorway Dangli includes a flexible hanger for easily slipping on a door frame, so is suitable for most interior door frames. It is suspended by a long, stretchy bungee cord giving it plenty of bounce. Cats can bat, grab and leap after the toy and its fluffy tail, which mimics natural prey, all while being randomly rewarded with treats.  The safety buckle on the bungee cord breaks away if too much pressure is applied, which ensures safe play.


The Funkitty line of toys are designed to randomly dispense treats, keeping cats of all ages engaged and active.

The screw closure on the toys is adjustable to determine how quickly treats are dispensed. They’re irresistible with catnip too!

Colour is as pictured but may vary slightly.

Price quoted is for 1 Funkitty Doorway Dangli