Sayings and Their Meanings

1. Like a Cat on a hot tin roof: Agitated.                                                                                                                                                                           

2. Not enough room to swing a Cat: Very little room to move.Your current location is small and cramped.

3. Cat got your tongue: Speechless or quiet.

4. Look like the Cat who swallowed the Canary: To look proud of oneself.

5. When the Cat's away the mice will play. Advantage will be taken of the absence of a person in charge or in authority.

Without supervision, people misbehave.

6. To let the cat out of the bag. To disclose a secret.

7. The Cat's pyjamas. Something superlatively good; top notch, first rate; attractive.

8. Rain Cats and Dogs: To rain extremely hard,heavy downpour.

9. Cat's Miaow: Top of the range.

10. Fat Cat: A person high up in the business world with a lot of money.

11. Curiosity killed the Cat: Warning about being curious.

12. Look what the Cat dragged in: Displeasure about someone's arrival.

13. More then one way to skin a Cat: There is more then one way to do something.

14. The Cat's Pyjamas (or Whiskers): Something considered outstanding.

15. Put (or set) the Cat among the Pigeons : To add a comment or make someone aware of a fact that will ensure the outcome is that a fight or trouble erupts .To pit enemies against each other.

16. Cat-eyed. Able to see in the dark.

17. Play Cat and Mouse with: To play with, tease, or keep in suspense in an unkind way.