Honeysuckle Cat Toys


What is Honeysuckle?

Honeysuckle is an alternative to catnip. Honeysuckle toys have been sold in Canada for over 13 years and are extremely popular. Studies have shown that a catnip reaction is an inherited tendency with about two-thirds of cats responding but although no research has been done it is believed from customer reports that approximately 90% of cats react to Honeysuckle. If your cat doesn’t like catnip they may love Honeysuckle. Although there are 68 species of honeysuckle - vines, bushy shrubs and rangy trees growing throughout the world, only one seems to attract cats. This particular variety is native to Eurasia and was transplanted to North America in the late 1700's. and is the variety that is used in these cat toys. Only the wood is used from the plants and therefore is safe to be used in cat toys.
Cats attracted to honeysuckle toys will express their delight in typical feline fashion - licking, chewing, rubbing and rolling around in ecstasy. Others just like to hug it while napping. It has also been reported to help calm cats in stressful situations. The Honeysuckle scent on the toys can be rejuvenated by simply spraying the toys with water. This will enhance the sweet cat-attracting aroma of Honeysuckle. Wet honeysuckle has a stronger aroma and may attract a more finicky feline.  

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