Scoopwell Litter Scoop

  • Description

The ScoopWell is a veterinarian designed litter scoop engineered to address common problems    encountered with other typical scoops.

The ScoopWell has an ergonomically curved handle with a soft-rubber insert for a comfortable grip. A stainless-steel scraping edge gets the tough stuck-on waste and the two sizes of stainless-steel screen sift out smaller pieces of waste without inhibiting drain time. Because the ScoopWell allows for maximum waste removal, the litter is cleaner, resulting in less odour, less bacteria, litter has to be changed less often thereby saving time and money.

The extra length in the handle ensures hands are kept away from the litter when scooping.

The durable frame of the scoop is plastic and measures approximately 37cm in length (handle being 20cm in length) and the width is 14.5cm.

Weighs 175g.

Price quoted is for 1 Scoopwell Litter Scoop.