Straw Cone with Feathers (ON SPECIAL)

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Fun with a purpose

The Kong Straw Cone with Feathers has a unique straw weave and has lots of nooks for easy snagging and the cone shape's unique tumble, adds to the fun.

These toys are designed to appeal to the natural instincts of the indoor cat ie. to stalk and pounce. Your cat will find the natural feathers and catnip irresistible.

This toy is made from materials and dyes that come from natural, renewable resources.

The cone itself is approximately 7.5cm in height. The base is 4.5cm in width tapering up to 2cm in width.

The feathers are approximately 13cm in length.

The toy weighs approximately 20g.

Price quoted is for 1 Straw Cone with Feathers.