Cat Kuddlerz Bird Toy 12" (ON SPECIAL)

Discounted by 23%. Normally $14.95.

Elongated Catnip-filled Felt Toy with Crinkle and Feathers that cats love to kick and grab.

Contains catnip and makes a crinkle sound.

Fun, creative and durable.

Cats love to wrap their paws around the top of their Kuddlerz and kick the bottom with their hind feet.

Katz Kuddlerz include feathers, catnip and crinkle noise fabric for added enticement.

Fiber filling is made from recycled materials.

Several designs are available and cats love them all.

Colours will vary.

Approximate length is 31 cm plus the length of the feathers.

Made from plush material.

A Multipet Cat Toy-Pet Fun Multiplied

Price quoted is for 1 Katz Kuddlerz Bird Toy.