Duckie Shimmie Refill

Duckie Shimmie Attachment - Fits Frenzy and Da Bird wands- another fantastic prey attachment for fun play time with your cat!

The Duckie Shimmie is a two grey flight feather refill with average 10cm long silver shimmer strips and fluffy colourful marabou feathers.

This superb refill as it flys through the air is absolutely gorgeous! Gorgeous though these refills look flying, the best is yet to come. The sound they make is just phenomenal, the rustling of the shimmer strips coupled with the noise of the feathers combine to make these the best audio attractant cat toy we have ever come across!

All feathers are hand plucked not factory plucked ensuring a high quality and are from British Duck and Turkey Birds that are free to lead a natural life before entering the British food chain.

Colours will vary.

Add a bit of variety to your Da Bird or Frenzy rod toys with this fun attachment!

Simply clip on to play!

Price quoted is for 1 Duckie Shimmie.