Bedazzled Beaded Feather Teaser #17


Designed for the Spoilt Kitty.

Curly Pale Pink Accent Feather

Pale pink and apricot wispy feathers

Beaded with a mix of Austrian crystals and acrylic beads. The crystals are orange and the acrylic beads are silver stardust, imitstion pearls and apricot silver swirl bead.

Includes a colour co-ordinated bell- silver.

Only top quality materials have been used in the manufacture of these range of wands.

This wand has been designed to ensure plenty of flex or movement.

Total length of teaser is approximately 53cm. Rod length is 23cm and flexible wire length is 15cm.

When the feathers are worn out, simply return to us and we will make a new feather or tinsel top.

Price yet to be determined.

Handmade in Australia.

Price quoted is for 1 Bedazzled Beaded Feather Teaser.