Hepper Hi-Lo Scratcher **NEW**

The Hepper Hi-Lo Scratcher has the perfect arc shape for kitty claws to dig into and it also adjusts to two angles for optimal scratching action.  


Hi-Lo has a tubular chrome Frame with solid Brown Corrugated Cardboard Scratch Zone. Elegant white sides.


  • Perfect arc shape for scratching action. Stable in both positions.
  • 2 positions - Up is 53cm high and Down is 38cm high at the top.  Adjust the angle for your cat's preference.
  • 6.5 cm thick cardboard pad for years of scratching.
  • Construction: tubular chrome frame that sandwiches recycled corrugated cardboard pad.
  • Overall size 33 cm Width x 38 cm D x 53 cm H.
  • Scratch area is 30.5 cm wide.
  • Assembly in 60 seconds.

Postage will be quoted on enquiry or prior to sale being finalised.

Price quoted is for 1 Hepper Hi-Lo Scratcher.