Aikiou Interactive Food Bowl

  • Description

Interactive Feed Bowl is suitable for cats & dogs, large or small

Aïkiou® helps develop the intellectual abilities of the animal by the resolution of problems and supports a positive educational activity when it is used in the form of an interactive game between you and your pet.

Because of it’s many cavities Aïkiou®, will help your pet to eat more slowly and will facilitate its digestion.

Eating from a conventional bowl often causes surpluses of weight because the animal eats more than its nutritional needs.  With the Aïkiou®, he will eat more slowly and will feel full more quickly, which will contribute to him maintaining a healthy weight.

The fact of carrying out a mental activity using Aïkiou® occupies your animal at the time of its meal and should help the prevention of behaviour disorders.

Old dogs or those suffering from arthritis or who have recently undergone surgery, can benefit from the AÏkiou®.  AÏkiou® offers a simulative activity which enables them to spend some of their surplus energy.

Available in 2 colours- pink and blue.
Price quoted is for 1 Aikiou Interactive Food Bowl.