House Spider Refill

  • Description

Part of the  “Bug” refill range, The House Spider creeps and sneaks as you pull it along the floor using the Frenzy wand.  Make it hide in boxes or under furniture for your cat to pounce on.

Suitable for use with the Da Bird wand and the Frenzy Wand.

Made of chenille fabric from shorn Sheep wool/Yarn, the chenille yarn is manufactured by placing short lengths of yarn, called the "pile", between two "core yarns" and then twisting the yarn together. Plus feather stems for legs.  

The House Spider refill is approximately 6cm long x 2cm high in body plus approximately 5cm real feather stem legs.

The House Spider is made with the yarn fixed to a plastic tube running through the middle (No sharp metal bar!) The connection to the wand toy is via a strong braided cord hook on the front securely fixed to the plastic tubing.

The Spider's legs are made from natural real feather steams so are a delicate part of the toy for decoration purpose and can break off. The body is solid and very durable to take a beating!

Colour is brown but may vary slightly.

Price quoted is for 1 House Spider Refill.