Ribbon Refill

  • Description

Add a bit of variety to your Da Bird or Frenzy wand toy with this unique fun attachment!

The Ribbon Refill is another fantastic attachment for fun play time with your cat! - Compatible with both the Da Bird & Frenzy Cat wand toys.

The Ribbon refill features 5 strips of quality double satin ribbon, hot glued into the plastic connector. For extra strength this is done in two layers, the inner two ribbons being fixed into an inner plastic sleeve with the outer three ribbons wrapped around the inner sleeve and then covered with another plastic sleeve.

Approximately 20mm of ribbon is glued into the body of the refill making them extremely securely fixed and the connection to the wand toy is via a double swivel connector.

The Ribbon Frenzy refill is approximately 230mm (9") long in total with 180mm (7") ribbon streamers.

Simply clip on to play!

Colours vary

Price quoted is for 1 Ribbon Frenzy Refill