Reindeer Refill

  • Description
The Reindeer refill is made from strips of 100% genuine reindeer fur. Similar to Sheepskin, The fur is a byproduct from free roaming outdoor reared herds from Finland and are protected under Finland's Animal Welfare Laws and The Finish Reindeer Hearding Council.  Reindeer herding is a traditional source of food and income for the Sami tribes and lappish people for clothing, butter and cheese.

The connection to the wand toy is via a strong cord. A bell is also added to the cord for sound attraction.

The Reindeer refill is a minimum 11cm long and 7cm wide. Size will vary.

As this is a natural product colours will vary and include white, grey, light brown, red brown in any combination depending on the hide and where the fur is cut from.

Simply clip on to a Da Bird wand or a  Frenzy wand and play.

Price quoted is for 1 Reindeer Refill