Froggie Refill

  • Description

The Froggie refill is made from 100% genuine reindeer fur.   

Compatible with both the Da Bird Wands and the Frenzy Wands.

Similar to British Sheepskin, The fur is a by-product from free roaming outdoor reared herds from Finland and are protected under Finland's Animal Welfare Laws and The Finish Reindeer Herding Council. 

The Froggie refill is approximately 5cm long x 3cm high in body plus a 9cm feather tail.

The Froggie is made with the hair securely fixed to a plastic tube running through the middle (No sharp metal bar) The connection to the wand toy is via a  hook on the front securely fixed inside the plastic tubing all hidden under the hair. This refill will take a beating!

Bright and colourful with yellow, black and Green patches.

Colour will vary slightly.

price quoted is for 1 Froggie Refill.