FireFly Refill (ON SPECIAL)

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Discounted by 27%. Normally $8.20.

Part of the small “Bug” Range, it attaches to the end of the Frenzy wand or Da Bird wand, imitating a colourful bug.

If your cats like to chase small flies, bugs and colourful moths , this is the refill for them!

The Firefly refill is an realistic small "bug" size approximately 6cm long marabou feather body plus various feather tails.

The  Firefly is made with the feathers securely fixed to a plastic tube and cap (No sharp metal bar). The connection to the wand toy is via a  hook on the front cap securely fixed to the cap and plastic tubing.

Bright and colourful with various colours.

There are 5 Firefly designs as shown in the photograph.

Colours will vary.

Price quoted is for 1 Firefly Refill.