SuperCat Catnip Spray (ON SPECIAL)

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Discounted by 29.41%. Normally $8.50

Catnip Spray is great for use just about anywhere! Spray the microencapsulated catnip scent on toys, paper, floors, walls, scratching posts, bedding or use it to help entice cats to enter kennels and carriers!
Non-staining and non-toxic the clear spray is easy to use and drives cats wild! Nano Burst Technologyâ„¢ means that the catnip bubbles continue to break open when areas that have been sprayed are buffed or scratched!

NanoBurst Technology traps catnip bubbles so that each time a surface is rubbed, buffed or scratched thousands of particles burst and release catnip scent. The catnip is refreshed each time the cat plays and more bubbles break, making for a long lasting extended release of catnip molecules.

1.75 oz bottle

Price quoted is for 1 SuperCat Catnip Spray