SuperCat Catnip Crumples (ON SPECIAL)

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Catnip Crumples are great for tossing one at a time or several at once! The crumples continuously release scent whenever the paper is folded or scratched. Nano Burst Technologyâ„¢ means small bubbles of catnip scent burst during play for a long-lasting catnip experience!

NanoBurst Technology traps catnip bubbles so that each time a surface is rubbed, buffed or scratched thousands of particles burst and release catnip scent. The catnip is refreshed each time the cat plays and more bubbles break, making for a long lasting extended release of catnip molecules.

40 Sheets

Each sheet is approximately 3" x 3"

Price quoted is for 1 pack of 40 SuperCat Catnip Crumples