Play-N-Squeak Whack Attack (Last One) (ON SPECIAL)

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Discounted by 15%. Normally $47.00


Whack Attack allows indoor cats to stalk and pounce their prey in a controlled and safe manner. They can express their natural predatory instincts.


This toy provides mental stimulation and exercise to ensure a happy, healthy cat. Relieves boredom when left alone. Ideal for solitary play.


Whack Attack's bouncy mouse promotes hours of play time and contains the RealMouse electronic sound module! The leaves make a crinkly sound and the rock is filled with catnip.


Colour may vary slightly.


Weighs 570g


Stands approximately 30cm in height.


Base diameter is approximately 23cm in diameter.


Price quoted is for 1 Play-N-Squeak Whack Attack