Dragonflier Teaser (ON SPECIAL)

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Another great interactive toy from Da Bird which cats find irresistible. A 3.5" real feather dragonfly is attached via a flexible wire to a 6 " glitter plastic wand. Hold the plastic wand and move the teaser around to create dragonfly like movements and your cat will soon be enthralled by it and won't be able to resist chasing after it. . Great interactive fun for you and your cat and is also a good way of keeping your cat fit by exercising.

This toy is intended for supervised interactive play only.

For best play action, hide the toy when not in use and bring it out periodically for play sessions, to simulate prey appearing somewhat randomly.Make the toy move like prey. It should subtly twitch and freeze, as well as make mad dashes across the room. Try to time the toy's movements with your cat's stalking and pouncing to maximize the thrill of the chase and to allow a few light captures.

To make Da Dragonflier toy last, allow only light captures and try to avoid your cat completely chewing the dragonflier end.

Replace and disgard  once damaged or worn. Toy to be put away when not in use.

Recommended by Veterinarians as an interactive exercise toy.

Approximate wand length is 15.5cm.

Approximate wire length is 41cm.

Approximate Dragonfly size is 7 cm x 10 cm.

Colours will vary.

Price quoted is for 1 Dragonflier Teaser.