Catit "Le Salon" Slicker Brush - Oval Large

  • Description

The Le Salon Slicker Brush is suitable for the general grooming of most breeds. Flexible, angled bristles remove shedding hair, helping to prevent mats and tangles. Regular grooming is recommended for every pet to ensure a healthy and trouble-free coat.

Suitable for short and long-haired, single and double-coated breeds.

Made with  quality components and a grip that provides the ultimate in comfort and control while grooming.

The brush head is approximately 10cm in length and 7cm in width. The length of the handle is approximately 12cm in length.

Weighs approximately 150g. 

Colour as pictured but may vary slightly.

Price quoted is for 1 Catit "Le Salon" Slicker Brush- Oval Large.