Go!Cat!Go! Glossy Mouse (ON SPECIAL)

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Discounted by 15.96%. Normally $5.95

Glossy Mouse Cat Toy with catnip will drive your cat bonkers. Fun, shiny and colourful.

Go! Cat Go! Instinct Mice have a variety of textures and fabrics to stimulate your kitty. Each mouse also includes catnip!

Crinkles when touched. Sure to intrigue your cat or kitten.

Colours will vary.

Weighs approximately 15g.

Body of Glossy Mouse is approximately 8cm in length and 5cm in height.

The tail is approximately 6.5cm in length made from a silky thread.

The eyes are stitched, so nothing to be swallowed. The ears are stitched on and made from a suede like material.

Price quoted is for 1 Go!Cat!Go! Glossy Mouse.