Go!Cat!Go! - Feathered Frenzy (ON SPECIAL)

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Fun all around!
Hours of feline play
Catnip drives cats wild

The Go!Cat!Go! Feathered Frenzy is another toy from the Instinct's range. Several combinations of textures and feathers ensure that your feline's senses are stimulated and kitty is rewarded with healthy play.

The catnip added to the Feathered Frenzy encourages plenty of exercise and entertainment. 

Colour as pictured but may vary slightly.

The cone shaped Feathered Frenzy stands around 6.5cm tall with at least 8cm of flowing feathers emerging from the top of the cone.

The body of the cone appears to be a twined paper raffia in two colours.

Weighs approximately 30g.

Price quoted is for 1 Feathered Frenzy.