Go!Cat!Go! - Havin' a Ball (ON SPECIAL)

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Hours of feline play
Catnip drives cats wild

Go!Cat!Go! instinct cat toys are made to let cats be cats, allowing them to jump, pounce and chase their prey, keeping them busy and positively engaged with the world around them.These colourful and fun toys stimulate the senses and reward kitty with healthy play.

The irresistible textures and flowing feathers ensure that the Havin' A Ball Cat toy will engage and entertain your cat for hours.

The Havin' A Ball Cat Toy is filled with catnip to add to your cat's play time experience.

Colours may vary.

Weighs approximately 15g. Light enough to bat around the floor or to carry around.

The ball is approximately 4cm in diameter with at least 12cm of feathers flowing from the top of the ball.

Price quoted is for 1 Go!Cat!Go! Havin' A Ball.