Kitten Mitten (ON SPECIAL)

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Normally $9.95. Discounted by 39.69%.

Slip your hand into the glove and watch the fun begin. This unique combination of attackable pom poms that wobble and bells that jingle , your cat or kitten will be enticed to play. You will get tired of playing before your kitten/cat will.

Designed to protect hands from feisty kitty claws.

Each of the fingers have a rod sewed into them, so that the fingers stay stiff and horizontal, while the pom poms dangle from them.

Colour is as shown, but may vary slightly.

Made from a very soft towelling-like material.

Approximate dimensions of the mitten are 14x44x3mm.

Weighs approximately 90g.

Price quoted is for 1 Kitten Mitten.