Quiet Glow Play Pair Balls 2 Pk **Back In Stock**

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Designed for the many cats that are active at night, these Quiet Glow Play Balls are a quiet, yet interesting activity that offers peaceful play.

Petstages Nighttime Quiet Glow Play Pair Cat Toy is constructed of non-toxic glow-in-the-dark fabric that is easy for your cat to see and find at night.

These soft fabric balls are lightweight and stuffed so they can be batted all over the house without making any noise - and your cat won't lose track of this toy as the soft glowing design is easy to see in the dark.

Suitably designed for cats of all ages, and for pet parents too, the Petstages Night time toys give your cat something stimulating and fun to do while you sleep without disturbance.

Colour as shown but may vary slightly

Price quoted is for 2 Quiet Glow Play Pair Balls.