Play-N-Squeak At Night - Twinkle Wild Flingdom

  • Description

Most cats sleep between 12 and 20 hours a day but tend to be awake at night, when their “prey” would be awake.

It is natural for a cat to show peaks of activity focused in the evening hours if the cat has little opportunity to expend energy during the day.

Providing cats with Play-N-Squeak interactive cat toys can satisfy cats’ needs for physical, mental and social stimulation, day or night.

The Play-N-Squeak Twinkle Wild Flingdom mouse contains a RealMouse™ sound squeaker and light up eye for nocturnal kitties who love nighttime play. The squeak in this plush mouse is the same loudness and frequency of that of a real mouse and also contains catnip to entice your cat to play.

The Play-N-Squeak at Night Twinkle Wild Flingdom  is made from plush material and features a stretchy tail.This mouse’s elastic tail is made to launch Twinkle Wild Flingdom across the room, allowing your cat to chase, stalk and pounce.

This toy includes long-life batteries to keep the squeak going.

Approximately 5.5" in length and 2" wide.

Colour as shown but may vary slightly.

Weighs approximately 25g.

Price quoted is for 1 Play-N-Squeak At Night- Twinkle Wild Flingdom.