Play-N-Squeak Backyard Cat Toy- Squeaking Raccoon

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Play-n-Squeak Backyard Raccoon satisfies your cat's preying instinct safely.  It will allow your cat the opportunity to stay busy hunting, chasing, stalking and pouncing all from the safety of the living room. Don't be surprised it they bring you their "kill" as a gift. It is that realistic.

Cat's are natural hunters. Even when living amongst humans, a cat's motivation to hunt day and night remains strong. Play-N-Squeak toys are meant to fuel your cat's natural hunting instinct and vent pent-up energy.

As with all Play-N-Squeak cat toys, Squeaking Raccoon features the electronic RealMouse(TM) sound module that creates the "squeak" that cats love.

Raccoon measures 2.5" long.

Colour as shown but may vary slightly.

Weighs approximately 20g.

Price quoted is for 1 Play-N-Squeak Backyard Cat Toy- Squeaking Raccoon.