Hummingbird Teaser- Red

  • Description

A beautiful teaser designed to simulate the Hummingbird feeding nectar from a flower. Mounted on a 15" - 16" flexi stick and available in two colour combinations. This teaser is very unique.

The Hummingbird teaser is designed using a 4" piece of stretch ribbon with a bell inside. Attached is a single stripped coq and Fringe feather is attached (black or grape) To complete the teaser a 4.5" x 4'5" mylar fringe has been added to create the flower shape. This teaser whilst being delicate is probably one of the most unusual on the market and is sure to catch your cat's attention. 

Mylar is not digestible and therefore supervision is required when playing with toys. 


Price quoted is for 1 Hummingbird Teaser.