Daddy Pompom Legs (ON SPECIAL)

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Kong Cats with an attitude refillable catnip toys utilize top quality, natural catnip. These toys have a special compartment that can be opened and closed (velcro closure), so that fresh catnip can be added when the original catnip loses it's potency and hence effect on your cat. These tea-bag style pouches of premium-grade catnip fit neatly into the pouch without the mess associated with loose catnip.

The catnip pouches can be frozen to keep the catnip fresh. Toy is machine washable with catnip pouch removed.

Most catnip toys use inexpensive stems and stalks – the parts without aroma that should be thrown away. Dr. Noys’ Cats with an Attitude Toys are filled with only the finest catnip available on the market. Dr. Noys loves cats and created these safe, high quality toys without elastic, strings, mylar or exposed bells.

The body of this toy is approximately 8.5cm in diameter and the 6 legs extend out another 6cm.

This plush toy is made from the same faux fur that the swizzle stick is made from. Very soft and cuddly.

Includes 2 catnip packages.

Watch your kitty toss, flip, kick and enjoy their cats with an attitude toys.

Weighs approximately 30g.

Colour may vary slightly.

Price quoted is for 1 Daddy PomPom Legs and includes 2 sachets of catnip.