Fluff Bunnies (ON SPECIAL)

Fat Cat
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Discounted by 20%. Normally $6.25

Fluff Bunnies Catnip Toys are incredibly soft, plush cat toys that are filled with "Zoom Around the Room" organic catnip that will keep your kitty playing. These little fluffy bunnies have wild expressions and velvety ears and paws for added playtime excitement. This adorable toy comes in pink, blue and orange.

A versatile toy, fluff bunnies can be used to play hide and seek or tossed around. Even play fetch with the fluff bunny.

The body of the Fluff Bunny is approximately 8.5cm in length and 6cm in width. He is quite a rotund fellow.

Colours will vary.

Weighs approximately 15g.

Price quoted is for 1 Fluff Bunny.