Clearance Sale- All Toys $6

Sweet Tooth Fish

Sweet Tooth Mouse

Culbuto Mouse

Ribbon Mice with Catnip 2 pk

Kong Field Mouse

Kitty Flower Button with Feathers (pack of 4)

Marabou Feather Cat Pole (ON SPECIAL)

Crinkle Ball Teaser (ON SPECIAL)

Twisted Bolo Teaser (ON SPECIAL)

Frenzy Tassel Tastic Refill (ON SPECIAL)

Tie Dye Jingle Roller Cat Toy (ON SPECIAL)

Scream Cardboard Roller Cat Toy 24cm Loud Blue (ON SPECIAL)

Scream Cardboard Roller Cat Toy 24cm Loud Pink (ON SPECIAL)

Scream Cardboard Roller Cat Toy 24cm Loud Orange (ON SPECIAL)

Kitten Mitten (ON SPECIAL)

Fish Bone Twin Pack (ON SPECIAL)

Squeaky Featherlite Catnip Boa (ON SPECIAL)

Go!Cat!Go! Rattle Ring (ON SPECIAL)

Perfect Pairs Marrying Ducks (ON SPECIAL)

Daddy Pompom Legs (ON SPECIAL)

Kitty Punch Ball (ON SPECIAL)

Cosmic Catnip Dispensing Toy Catnip HighTop (ON SPECIAL)


Cosmic Catnip Dispensing Toy Catnip Bunches Of Fun (ON SPECIAL)



Play-N-Squeak Bird- Pitts - Bird (ON SPECIAL)

Play-N-Squeak Bird - Cardinal (ON SPECIAL)

Play-N-Squeak Bird - Jay Bird (ON SPECIAL)

Play-N-Squeak Bird- Knock-Knock (ON SPECIAL)

Mini Tennis Balls 4 pack (ON SPECIAL)

Kitten Yarn Ball with Rattle (2 pack) (ON SPECIAL)

Sponge Rugby (pack of 3) (ON SPECIAL)


SuperCat Catnip Markers (ON SPECIAL)

SuperCat Catnip Spray (ON SPECIAL)

Corduroy Catnip Bee (ON SPECIAL)

Kong Cat Braidz Pinwheel Cat Toy (ON SPECIAL)

Shaggy Spools with Feathers (ON SPECIAL)

Sisal Party Roller (ON SPECIAL)

Feather Balls with Rattle (2 pack) (ON SPECIAL)

Petstages Tons of Tails Catnip Cat Toy (ON SPECIAL)

CFA Fleece Balls (pack of 2) (ON SPECIAL)

Mosaic Ball (4 pack) (ON SPECIAL)

Paw Print Sponge Ball (4 pack) (ON SPECIAL)

Purr-fection Fringe Benefits Pom Poms (ON SPECIAL)

Candy Ball (ON SPECIAL)

Kitty Sorbet Balls (4 pack) (ON SPECIAL)

Cataction Pom Pom Triangle (ON SPECIAL)

Play-N-Squeak Backyard Cat Toy- Squeaking Raccoon

CFA Wooly Mice (2 pack) (ON SPECIAL)

SuperCat Catnip Crumples (ON SPECIAL)