Clearance Sale- All Toys $5

Grab yourself a bargain with a range of toys all reduced to $5.00 each at Pampered Cats Playground

Giant Glitter Pom Poms by Vo-Toys (ON SPECIAL)

Crazy Spinners (ON SPECIAL)

Pink Feather Pillow (ON SPECIAL)

Fur Black Spider (ON SPECIAL)

Bat Arounds Cat Toys- 3 pack (ON SPECIAL)

CFA Furry Mouse with Rattle (ON SPECIAL)

Kitty Spirit Sisal Ball with Feathers (ON SPECIAL)

PetStages Feather Buddy (ON SPECIAL)

Curly Pet Mouse (ON SPECIAL)

Purr-fection Fringed Mouse (ON SPECIAL)

Flea Catnip Toy (ON SPECIAL)- Last One


Hat Heads (ON SPECIAL)


Plush Duck with feathers and Catnip (ON SPECIAL)

Plush Fish with Feather Tail and Catnip (ON SPECIAL)


Fluff Bunnies (ON SPECIAL)

Curly Plush Mouse with Catnip (ON SPECIAL)

Fantastic Feathers Bird Cat Toy (ON SPECIAL)

Star Baseball 2 pk (ON SPECIAL)

Skinneeez Duck with Catnip (ON SPECIAL)

Double Fun Toys (ON SPECIAL)

Pom Pom with Feathers 2 pack (ON SPECIAL)

Sponge Clutch Balls (4 pack) (ON SPECIAL)

Darn Yarn Balls (ON SPECIAL)


Spring Time! by Go!Cat!Go! (ON SPECIAL)

Curly Pet Elephant (ON SPECIAL)

Go!Cat!Go! - Feathered Frenzy (ON SPECIAL)

Go!Cat!Go! - Boxing Match (ON SPECIAL)

Go!Cat!Go! - Havin' a Ball (ON SPECIAL)

Pyramid Scheme (ON SPECIAL)

Kong Fuzzy Bird (ON SPECIAL)

Crystal Balls (4 pack) (ON SPECIAL)

Go!Cat!Go! Wild Mouse Chase (ON SPECIAL)

Go!Cat!Go! Glossy Mouse (ON SPECIAL)

Go!Cat!Go! Shock Top Mouse (ON SPECIAL)


Catnip Mouse Ball with Tail (ON SPECIAL)

Twine Ball with Feathers (ON SPECIAL)

Kitten Yarn Mice (2 pack) (ON SPECIAL)

Last One

Kitten Suede Mouse (ON SPECIAL)

Last One

Knitted Mouse Large (ON SPECIAL)

Motion Mice (2 pack) (ON SPECIAL)

Knitted Mouse with Feathers ( 2 pack) (ON SPECIAL)

Noisy Faux Fur Ferret (ON SPECIAL)