New Arrivals

Looney Loops **NEW**

Kong Window Teaser **NEW**

Booda Itty Bitty Batters Lion **NEW**

Tie Dye Plush Cat Toy **NEW**

Kong Bat-a-bout Boa **NEW**

KONG Cat CuteSeas Octopus **NEW**

Booda Itty Bitty Batters Caterpillar **NEW**

Tie Dye Jingle Roller Cat Toy **NEW**

Fat Cat Boogie Mat **NEW**

Dental Health Chews **Back in stock**

Two-Tone Sponge Ball (Each) **Back In Stock**

Opalescent Mylar Balls **NEW**

Sponge Ball with Feathers **Back In Stock**

Red and Green Starry Xmas Mice **NEW**

Multicoloured Spiky Ball **NEW**

Flashing Firefly Mat **Back In Stock**

Quiet Glow Play Pair Balls 2 Pk **Back In Stock**

Catnip Cat Dancer **NEW**

Cat-a-lack Striped Feather Wand **NEW**

Whirling Wiggler Spinning Cat Toy **NEW**

Twinkle Ball **NEW**

Feather Boa Teaser with Ribbon Detail **NEW**

Kickeroo Stix Mouse **NEW**

Whisker Chaser **NEW**

Ring Tail Chaser **NEW**

Bow Tie Chaser **NEW**

Turbo Fuzzy Balls **NEW**

Turbo Mop Balls **NEW**

Turbo Mop Mice **NEW**

Turbo Plush Monsters **NEW**

Turbo Spotted Mice **NEW**

Catnip Stick with Feathers **NEW**

Ball Buddy Birds **NEW**

Kong Cork Ball **NEW**

Cat Charmer Xmas Edition Teaser Wand **NEW**

Catty Whack Cat Toy **NEW**


Catty Whack Replacement Feathers **NEW**

Pet Links Dizzy Thing **NEW**

Shabby Chic-Furry Mice (3) **NEW**

Sweet Tooth Mouse **NEW**

Shabby Chic Ribbon Octopus **NEW**

Sweet Tooth Fish **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty Maurice Mouse Refill **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty Temptation Refill **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty Sassy Refill **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty Entice Refill **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty Nobody's Fool Refill **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty Snazzy Refill **NEW**

Magic Mystery Wand **NEW**

Fuzzy Pom Poms (4 pack) **NEW**

Furry Xmas Buddies (2 pack) **NEW**

Xmas Whisker Mice **NEW**

Xmas Red and Green Mice (3 pack) **NEW**

Holiday Trembling Mouse with pull string **NEW**

Xmas Lots of Sparkle Mice (4 pack) **NEW**

Xmas Rags To Riches Mice and Balls **NEW**

Fur Trimmed Xmas Mice (2 pack) **NEW**

Clown Fish (2 pack) **NEW**

Catrine Catmosphere Treat Ball **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty Deja Vu Bird Refill **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty Majestic Millie Bird Refill **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty Temptation Bird Refill **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty Risque Refill **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty Flying High Bird Refill **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty Wannabe Mouse **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty Jail Break Mouse **NEW**

Petstages Rainbow Caterpillar Cat Toy **NEW**

Multipet Compressed Catnip Mice **NEW**

Cat Kuddlerz Bird Toy 12" **NEW**

Cat Bernet Cork with Feathers Wand **NEW**

Cat Bernet Cork with Feathers **NEW**

Wuggles Wool Ball Wand **NEW**

Wuggles Wool Ball with Feathers **NEW**

Cat Prancer Teaser Wand 44" **NEW**

Cat Prancer Teaser Wand 36" **NEW**

Turbo Tail Teaser **NEW**

Pet Links Flitter Fly **NEW**

USB Bladeless Mini Fan **NEW**

Hemp Mouse Teaser **NEW**

Nylon Crinkle Balls **NEW**

Candy Poms **NEW**

MForge Elan Rotating Comb **NEW**

Gripsoft Rotating Comfort Comb Fine and Coarse 20cm **NEW**

Scream Multi-Coloured Mice-4 pack **NEW**

Scream Fatty Mouse Yellow **NEW**

Cat Dancer Pro-Model **NEW**

Pet Names Pet Saucer **NEW**

Kitty Krosstitch Cat Saucer - Green 13cm/2.5oz **NEW**

Key West Embossed Paw Pet Saucer- Orange **NEW**

Key West Embossed Paw Pet Saucer-Lime **NEW**

Key West Embossed Fish Pet Saucer Lime 1 Cup **NEW**

Chic Kitty Pet Saucer White Multi Shimmer **NEW**

Bubble Fish Pet Saucer **NEW**

Candy Ball **NEW**

Culbuto Mouse **NEW**

Fluffy Wands **NEW**

Tinkly Twins **NEW**

Multipet Katz Kickerz Cat Toy **Back In Stock**


Zeez Feline Corner Hideaway Fun House 48 x 32 x 44" **Back In Stock **

Zeez Feline Hideaway Fun House 48 x 32 x 44" **Back In Stock**

Compressed Catnip Ball with Feather 14cm **Back In Stock**

Lattice Ball with Feather Loud Orange and Pink 2 pk **NEW**

Lattice Ball with Feather Loud Blue and Green 2 pk **NEW**

Scream Fatty Mouse Cat Toy Loud Orange **NEW**

Scream Cardboard Roller Cat Toy 24cm Loud Orange

Scream Cardboard Roller Cat Toy 24cm Loud Pink

Scream Cardboard Roller Cat Toy 24cm Loud Green

Scream Fine Comb Loud Orange **NEW**

Scream Shedding Comb Loud Orange **NEW**

Scream Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush Loud Orange - Small

Catit Senses Wave Centre **NEW**

Catit Super Roller Circuit **NEW**

Telescopic Wand with Feather Dangler (Two Feather Attachments)