New Arrivals

Jackson Galaxy Air Prey Copter Wand **NEW**

Cosmic Catnip Chilli Pepper *Back In Stock*

Gripsoft Cat Slicker Brush *Back In Stock*

Cosmic Catnip Banana **Back In Stock**

Zanies Rainbow Furry Mice *Back In Stock*

Fuzzy Rattle Mice *Back In Stock*

Spoilt Kitty Sunburst Mini Mouse Refill **Back In Stock**

Scream Fatty Mouse Yellow **Back In Stock**

Gripsoft Cat Brush *Back In Stock*

SmartCat Peek-and-Play Toy Box *Back In Stock*

Gripsoft Rotating Comfort Comb Medium 5"(13cm) *Back In Stock*

Universal Mount Kitty Sill Fleece (60x35cm) **NEW**

Catit Play Treat Puzzle Unit **Back In Stock**

Catit Tumbler Bee Interactive Cat Toy **Back In Stock**

Shabby Chic Cute Cuddler **NEW**

Shabby Chic Ping Pong Heads **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty All Glammed Up Flying Bird Refill

Spoilt Kitty Blue Banded Mouse Refill

Spoilt Kitty Sundrenched Flying Bird

Spoilt Kitty Serenade Me Flying Bird Refill

Spoilt Kitty Chameleon Mouse

Spoilt Kitty Jadore Mouse Refill

Spoilt Kitty Wally Wasp Refill

Retractable Wand with Pink Mouse **NEW 4" or 6"

Retractable Wand with Natural Mouse **NEW** 4" or 6"

Retractable Wand with Bug **NEW** 4" or 6"

Looney Loops

Kong Window Teaser **NEW**

Booda Itty Bitty Batters Lion

Tie Dye Plush Cat Toy

Kong Bat-a-bout Boa

KONG Cat CuteSeas Octopus

Booda Itty Bitty Batters Caterpillar

Tie Dye Jingle Roller Cat Toy

Fat Cat Boogie Mat

Two-Tone Sponge Ball (Each) **Back In Stock**

Sponge Ball with Feathers **Back In Stock**

Multicoloured Spiky Ball

Catnip Cat Dancer

Cat-a-lack Striped Feather Wand

Feather Boa Teaser with Ribbon Detail

Kickeroo Stix Mouse

Turbo Fuzzy Balls

Turbo Mop Balls

Turbo Mop Mice

Turbo Plush Monsters

Turbo Spotted Mice

Catnip Stick with Feathers

Ball Buddy Birds

Kong Cork Ball


Catty Whack Replacement Feathers **NEW**

Pet Links Dizzy Thing **NEW**