New Arrivals

Kitty Flower Button with Feathers (pack of 4) **NEW**

Catrine Catmosphere Treat Ball **NEW**

Clown Fish (2 pack) **NEW**

Fur Trimmed Xmas Mice (2 pack) **NEW**

Xmas Rags To Riches Mice and Balls **NEW**

Xmas Lots of Sparkle Mice (4 pack) **NEW**

Holiday Trembling Mouse with pull string **NEW**

Xmas Red and Green Mice (3 pack) **NEW**

Xmas Whisker Mice **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty Jail Break Mouse **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty Wannabe Mouse **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty Flying High Bird Refill **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty Risque Refill **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty Temptation Bird Refill **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty Majestic Millie Bird Refill **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty Deja Vu Bird Refill **NEW**

Wuggles Wool Ball with Feathers **NEW**

Cat Bernet Cork with Feathers **NEW**

Cat Kuddlerz Bird Toy 12" **NEW**

Multipet Compressed Catnip Mice **NEW**

Petstages Rainbow Caterpillar Cat Toy

Pet Links Flitter Fly **NEW**

Turbo Tail Teaser **NEW**

Cat Prancer Teaser Wand 36" **NEW**

Cat Prancer Teaser Wand 44" **NEW**

Wuggles Wool Ball Wand **NEW**

Cat Bernet Cork with Feathers Wand **NEW**

Bat Arounds Cat Toys- 3 pack **NEW**

Bedazzled Beaded Emu Feather Teaser **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty Ultra Fluffs-Orange and Yellow **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty Ultra Fluffs Refill- Orange and Purple **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty Ultra Fluffs Refill-Candy Pink and Aqua **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty Ultra Fluffs Refill- Purple and Pale Pink **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty Butterfly **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty Oasis Refill **NEW**


Spoilt Kitty Trend Setter Refill **NEW**


Spoilt Kitty Caprice Refill **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty Margareete Refill **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty Yellow Finch Refill Small **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty Orange Finch Refill **NEW**

Cosmic Catnip Banana **Back In Stock**

Pioneer Ceramic Raindrop Pet Fountain **Back In Stock**

Bubble Fish Pet Saucer **NEW**

Chic Kitty Pet Saucer White Multi Shimmer **NEW**

Key West Embossed Fish Pet Saucer Lime 1 Cup **NEW**

Key West Embossed Paw Pet Saucer-Lime **NEW**

Key West Embossed Paw Pet Saucer- Orange **NEW**

Kitty Krosstitch Cat Saucer - Green 13cm/2.5oz **NEW**

Pet Names Pet Saucer **NEW**

Scream Fatty Mouse Yellow **NEW**

Scream Multi-Coloured Mice-4 pack **NEW**

Cat Dancer Pro-Model **NEW**

Gripsoft Rotating Comfort Comb Fine and Coarse 20cm **NEW**

MForge Elan Rotating Comb **NEW**

Scream Rotating Teeth Comb Loud Orange - Small **NEW**

Scream Rotating Short Pin Rake **NEW**

Candy Poms **NEW**

Nylon Crinkle Balls **NEW**

Hemp Mouse Teaser **NEW**

Hexagon Play Tunnel/Cave- Black and Red Floral **NEW**

Hexagon Play Tunnel/Cave- Red **NEW**

Dumbell Treat Dispenser **NEW**

Brown Lattice Pet Tent **NEW**

Grey Leopard Pet Tent **NEW**

USB Bladeless Mini Fan **NEW**

Candy Ball **NEW**

Shabby Chic-Furry Mice (3) **NEW**

Sweet Tooth Mouse **NEW**

Tinkly Twins **NEW**

Culbuto Mouse **NEW**

Shabby Chic Ribbon Octopus **NEW**

Sweet Tooth Fish **NEW**

Frenzy Robin RedBreast Refill **NEW**

Frenzy Fluff Refill **NEW**

Fluffy Wands **NEW**

Shabby Chic Summertime Tunnel **NEW**

Tickle Your Fancy Cat Teasers **NEW**


Kong Cat Tropics Fish-Orange **NEW**


Kong Cat Tropics Fish-Pink **NEW**

Pet Links Blinking Bat **NEW**

Holiday Paw Large Stocking **NEW**

Catty Whack Cat Toy **NEW**


Catty Whack Replacement Feathers **NEW**

Pet Links Dizzy Thing **NEW**

Rainbow Sparkle Mice (3 pk) **NEW**

Kong Treat Ball for Cats **NEW**

Spring Mouse **NEW**

Compressed Catnip Ball with Feather 14cm **Back In Stock**

The Veterinary Toothbrush **Back In Stock**

Bio Groom Klean Kitty Waterless Shampoo **Back In Stock**

Catfisher Doorknob Hanger **Back In Stock**


Kitty Hoots Springy Worms ( 2 Pack) **Back In Stock**

Zeez Feline Hideaway Fun House 48 x 32 x 44" **Back In Stock**

Zeez Feline Corner Hideaway Fun House 48 x 32 x 44" **Back In Stock **

Kitten Mitten **Back In Stock**

Multipet Katz Kickerz Cat Toy **Back In Stock**


Booda Dome Clean Step Litter Tray - Titanium **Back In Stock**

Crazer Laser Light Show **Back in Stock**

Cat Charmer Rainbow by Cat Dancer Products **NEW**

Petkin PlaqueTooth Wipes - 40 pk **NEW**

Smart Cat Ultimate Scratch N Play Post **NEW**

Scream Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush Loud Orange - Small

Scream Shedding Comb Loud Orange **NEW**

Scream Fine Comb Loud Orange **NEW**

Scream Cardboard Roller Cat Toy 24cm Loud Green

Scream Cardboard Roller Cat Toy 24cm Loud Pink

Scream Cardboard Roller Cat Toy 24cm Loud Orange

Scream Fatty Mouse Cat Toy Loud Orange **NEW**

Lattice Ball with Feather Loud Blue and Green 2 pk **NEW**

Lattice Ball with Feather Loud Orange and Pink 2 pk **NEW**

Cataction Lattice Ball with Feathers **NEW**

Play N Squeak Holiday Peppermint Mouse **NEW**

Multipet Katz Kickerz Winter Cat Toy **NEW**

Twisted Kicker Plush Cat Toy **NEW**- Last One

Loofa Cat Toy with Catnip **NEW**- Last One

Drinkwell 360 Stainless Steel Pet Fountain **NEW**

Gripsoft Pet Hair Magnet **NEW**

Mr Fothergill's Catnip Kit **Back In Stock**

Mr Fothergill's Cat Grass Kit **Back in Stock**

Dried Fish For Cats 100g **Back In Stock**

Catit Cat Senses Speed Circuit **NEW**

Catit Super Roller Circuit **NEW**

Catit Senses Wave Centre **NEW**

Comfort Soft Enclosure Medium - Green (116 x 116 x 71cm 8 Panels) **NEW**

Catit 2.Senses Wellness Centre **NEW**

Catit Cat Senses - Treat Maze **NEW**

Catit 2.0 - Senses Food Digger **NEW**

Pawbreakers Catnip Ball 17gm **NEW**

Catit 2.0 Senses Grass Planter **NEW**

Catit SensesPlanter Grass Refill **NEW**

Elite Aquarius Circular Comfort Bed **NEW**

Green Shop Cool Mat - Small **NEW**

Sergeants 2 in 1 Grooming Tool for Cats **NEW**

Thermal Pet Mats $50 (two colours)

Wild Snow Hare Chaser **NEW**

Wild Hare Chaser Attachment **NEW**

Fluffy Chaser Attachment **NEW**

Purrs Duckie Shimmie **NEW**

Xmas Feather Ribbon Attachment **NEW**

Xmas Pom Pom Ribbon Attachment **NEW**

Wild Hare Squidly Didly Attachment **NEW**

Xmas Fluffy Chaser Attachment **NEW**

Purrs Rainbow Chaser Attachment **NEW**

Wild Hare Raiser Attachment **NEW**

Bedazzled Beaded Tinsel Teaser- Aqua #1

Bedazzled Beaded Tinsel Teaser -Red, Silver and Gold #13

Bedazzled Beaded Feather Teaser #3

Bedazzled Beaded Feather Teaser #11

Many more colours and designs are available

Bedazzled Beaded Feather Teaser #15

Many more colours available

Purple Cage Teaser #36

Many more colours are available

Yellow Cage Hanger #8

Many more colours are available

Hot Pink Cage Teaser #29

Da Purr- Peller Refill **NEW**

Da Bird Turkey with Long One-Piece Rod


Da Bird Guinea with Long One- Piece Rod

Natural Scents - Tuscan Olive Cologne 110ml

Natural Scents- Pink Jasmine Cologne 110ml

Natural Scents-Desert Agave Blossom Cologne 110ml

Catit Design 3 in 1 Scratcher **NEW**

Sergeant's Sentry Calming Collar **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty Frog Legs Refill **NEW**

Cat with Flowers Socks **NEW**

Snugglesafe Cooling Pad 25cm x 30cm **NEW**

Tidy Bowl **NEW**

Multipet Katz Kickerz Cat Toy **NEW**


Faux Fur Rainbow Mice **NEW**


Telescopic Wand with One Guinea Feather **NEW**

Celestial Cats Socks **NEW**

Rainbow Stripe Cat Socks **NEW**

Rainbow Cats Socks **NEW**

Polka Dot Gatos -Black **NEW**

Polka Dot Gatos Socks- Red **NEW**

Cat Love Socks **NEW**

Polka Dot Cat Socks- Red/Orange **NEW**

Indigo Cats 2 Pair Pack **NEW**

Catnip Cat Socks- Pink **NEW**

Wavy Stripe Rainbow Cat **NEW**

9 Pack Combo Feather Refill Pack **NEW**

Telescopic Wand with Feather Dangler (Two Feather Attachments)

Frenzy Green Finch Refill **NEW**

Frenzy Slitherin Refill **NEW**

Zebedee Pouncer Long Rod- 26" or 66cm **NEW**

Purrs Buffalo Mouse **NEW**

Mosaic Ball (4 pack) **NEW**

Slotted Balls (each) **NEW**

Two Tone Fur Mice with Tail Feather **NEW**

Crystal Balls (4 pack) **NEW**

Mini Catnip Sock **NEW**

Red and Purple Feather Teaser **NEW**

Fuzzy Plush Balls **NEW**

Ethical Cat Fun Boppers **NEW**

Ethical Cat Fun Tubes **NEW**

Telescopic Wand with Feather Dangler (Two Feather Attachments)

9 Pack Combo Feather Refill Pack **NEW**

Wire Chaser Wand **NEW**

Fuzzy Rattle Mice **NEW**

Sweet Safari Pink Cat Dish **NEW**

Zeez Feline Hideaway Fun House 48 x 32 x 44" **NEW**

Zeez Feline Climbing Hill Fun House 32 x 16 x 28" **NEW**

Petkin Pet Hair Roller Refill-Lavender **NEW**

Zeez Cat Pod- Tweed Grey 45cm **NEW**

Aqua Buddy Automatic Waterer 1.89L **NEW**

Petmate Litter Scoop with Microban- Giant


Spoilt Kitty Hot To Trot Refill

Spoilt Kitty Serene Refill

Xmas Woollen Balls **NEW**

Feather Refills **NEW**

Mini Mylar Teasers **NEW**

Hepper Hi-Lo Scratcher **NEW**

Hepper Pod Bed- Herringbone **NEW**

Sogno Bed **NEW**

Xmas Mice (pack of 3) **NEW**

Kitty Sorbet Balls (4 pack) **NEW**

Sponge Rugby (pack of 3) (ON SPECIAL)

Paw Prints Placemat

Peeping Felines Tea Towel

It's All About Meow Tea Towel

Spoilt Kitty Green and Black Bee Refill **NEW**

Saddle Tail Refill **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty Pink Royale Refill **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty Blaze Refill **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty La Fall Ostrich Refill **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty Elusive Dream Refill **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty Ostrich Long Tail Refill **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty Native Beauty Refill **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty Poly Pong Refill **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty Yarn Fishie Refill

Spoilt Kitty Golden Emperor Refill

Hartz Midnight Crazies- Last One

Espree Aloe Kitten Wipes

Espree Silky Cat Wipes

Espree Puppy and Kitten Cologne

Mikki Tea Tree Oil Wipes

K & H Microwave Bed Warmer

K & H Thermo Crinkle Sack- Sage

K & H Thermo Crinkle Sack- Mocha

K&H Mod Capsule Green/Black 17"

K&H Mod Dream Pod Green/Black 22"

Soft Pet Carrier 600cm x 420cm x420cm

Frolicat Chatter Interactive Cat Toy

Compressed Catnip Ball with Feather 14cm **NEW**

Jackson Galaxy LED Ball (2 pack)

Jackson Galaxy Puma Paws

Snap Cat Bird- Purple 53cm

Snap Cat Mouse- Grey 53cm

Zeez Gusset Bed -Outback Cow Print

Zeez Lounger Outback Cow Print

Zeez Summertime Lounger Mint Polka Dot

Zeez Summertime Bed Mint Polka Dot

Ultra Feather Fluff Refill **NEW**

Ultra Guinea Refill **NEW**

Petkin Pet Hair Roller - Lavender 180ct **NEW**

Petkin Jumbo Pet Wipes **NEW**

Purrs Grasshopper Attachment **NEW**

Purrs Buffalo Snake **NEW**

Purrs Buffalo Crab **NEW**

Zebedee Pouncer Short Rod-15" or 37cm **NEW**

Zebedee Pouncer 50cm Spiral Coil - Fits the Zebedee Pouncer Rods **NEW**

Zebedee Pouncer long 100cm Spiral Coil - Fits the Zebedee Pouncer Rods **NEW**

Purrs Buffalo Sparrow **NEW**

Purrs Flingie Springies - Wide- Pack of 10 **NEW**

dawildthing attachment

Da Wild Thing Attachment **NEW**

Da Bee **NEW**

Da Ball **NEW**

Kitty Bopper **NEW**

Da Rat Attachment **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty Jointed Frog Refill **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty Yellow and Black Bee Refill **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty Bella Bee **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty Orange and Black Bee Refill **NEW**

Multipet Feather Teasers

Purrs Jellyfish Attachment **NEW**

Frenzy Tassel Tastic Refill (ON SPECIAL)

Frenzy Bluetit Bird Refill **NEW**

Frenzy Goldfinch Bird Refill **NEW**

Purrs Turkey Fluffer Attachment **NEW**

Purrs Peacock Fluffer Attachment **NEW**

Purrs Feather Pomz Attachment **NEW**

Purrs Feather Crinkle Pomz Attachment **NEW**

Purrs Feather Ribbon Attachment **NEW**

Purrs Pompom Feather Attachment **NEW**

Purrs Pompom Ribbon Attachment **NEW**

Purrs Fluffy Long Tail Attachment **NEW**

Jackson Galaxy Cat Mojo Maker Air Prey

Jackson Galaxy Cat Mojo Maker Air Wand

Neko Birbug Attachment **Back in stock**

Neko Telescoping Rod

Kitty Pinwheels