Hyendry Teasers and Attachments

Hyendry Teasers and attachments are the perfect example of excellent quality workmanship which extends over their entire product range. Visually the teasers and attachments are eye-catching, but more importantly the quality is the best we have seen. We are certain your cat or kitten will have many hours of entertainment and exercise with this wonderful range.

We are delighted to introduce their product range to our customers and we are sure you will be as impressed as we are. Many hours of research have gone into creating these teasers to ensure the end product is exceptional, and they were not released for sale until Hyendry were 100% happy with them.

Besides quality, design and the vibrant use of colour, we love the idea that all you need is one wand and the variations to change the toy is virtually limitless. Hyendry's product range continues to expand too.

All Hyendry attachments are compatible with the Hyendry Clarion Wand, the Da Bird wand or the Frenzy Wand.