Frenzy Attachments

The Frenzy Attachments are all compatible  with the Da Bird Wand, the Hyendry Clarion Wand and the Frenzy Wands. These attachments add variety to these wands and make playtime exciting. All materials are selected carefully to ensure that the animals are treated with respect, humanely , only use skins/ furs which are from Free roaming outdoor reared animals  and a by-product of the food industry which would otherwise go into land fill so no animal is harmed to provide fur/ hair.

All Frenzy attachments are handmade in the UK.

Wild Snow Hare Chaser **NEW**

Wild Hare Chaser Attachment **NEW**

Fluffy Chaser Attachment **NEW**

Purrs Duckie Shimmie **NEW**

Xmas Feather Ribbon Attachment **NEW**

Xmas Pom Pom Ribbon Attachment **NEW**

Wild Hare Squidly Didly Attachment **NEW**

Xmas Fluffy Chaser Attachment **NEW**

Purrs Rainbow Chaser Attachment **NEW**

Wild Hare Raiser Attachment **NEW**

Frenzy Froggie Refill

Frenzy Bumble Bee Refill

Frenzy Flipper Refill

Frenzy Aracno Refill

Ratatouille Frenzy Refill

Frenzy Feather Shimmer Refill

Frenzy Shimmer Refill

Frenzy FireFly Refill

Frenzy Red & Green Nymph Refill (ON SPECIAL)**

Frenzy Tarantula Spider Refill

Frenzy Hare Tastic Refill

Frenzy Reindeer Refill

Ribbon Frenzy Refill

Feather Frenzy Refill

Frenzy Locust Refill

Frenzy House Spider Refill

Frenzy Dragonfly Refill

Frenzy Buttermoth Refill

Frenzy Nymph Refill (ON SPECIAL)**

Frenzy Woolly Vole

Feather Frenzy Fury (ON SPECIAL)

Frenzy Wiggly Wormz

Frenzy Tropical Spider

Crinkle Ball Frenzy Refill

Frenzy Glitter Ball Refill

Frenzy Polywog Refill

Frenzy Kakapo

Frenzy Deluxe Satin Streamer Refill **NEW**

Frenzy Satin Streamer Refill **NEW**

Frenzy Skinny Loopz Refill **NEW**

Frenzy Pheasant Tail Refill **NEW**

Purrs Jellyfish Attachment **NEW**

Frenzy Bluetit Bird Refill **NEW**

Frenzy Goldfinch Bird Refill **NEW**

Frenzy Tassel Tastic Refill (ON SPECIAL)

Purrs Turkey Fluffer Attachment **NEW**

Purrs Peacock Fluffer Attachment **NEW**

Purrs Feather Pomz Attachment **NEW**

Purrs Feather Crinkle Pomz Attachment **NEW**

Purrs Feather Ribbon Attachment **NEW**

Purrs Pompom Feather Attachment **NEW**

Purrs Pompom Ribbon Attachment **NEW**

Purrs Fluffy Long Tail Attachment **NEW**

Frenzy Sheepie Refill

Purrs Grasshopper Attachment **NEW**

Purrs Buffalo Snake **NEW**

Purrs Buffalo Crab **NEW**

Zebedee Pouncer Short Rod-15" or 37cm **NEW**

Zebedee Pouncer 50cm Spiral Coil - Fits the Zebedee Pouncer Rods **NEW**

Zebedee Pouncer long 100cm Spiral Coil - Fits the Zebedee Pouncer Rods **NEW**

Purrs Buffalo Sparrow **NEW**

Purrs Buffalo Mouse **NEW**

Zebedee Pouncer Long Rod- 26" or 66cm **NEW**

Frenzy Slitherin Refill **NEW**

Frenzy Green Finch Refill **NEW**

Frenzy Robin RedBreast Refill **NEW**

Frenzy Fluff Refill **NEW**