Feathered Teasers

Bedazzled Beaded Emu Feather Teaser **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty Ultra Fluffs-Orange and Yellow **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty Ultra Fluffs Refill- Orange and Purple **NEW**

Yellow Rattle Teaser (ON SPECIAL)

Spoilt Kitty Ultra Fluffs Refill-Candy Pink and Aqua **NEW**

Spoilt Kitty Ultra Fluffs Refill- Purple and Pale Pink **NEW**

Small Feathered Teaser

Deer Hair Teaser

Boa On A Stick

18" Peacock Sparkler Teaser (ON SPECIAL)

18" Kitty Broom Teaser (ON SPECIAL)

Wired Feather Teaser

Double Fluff Flip Multi Teaser

Tickler Teaser

Sparkling Tickler Teaser

JW Featherlite Cat Boa

Marabou Feather Cat Pole

Multi-feathered Teaser (ON SPECIAL)

Small Feathered Teaser with Bell- (2 pack) (ON SPECIAL)

Dr Noys Swizzle Stick

Pewter Fluff Teaser

Long Marabou Teasers- Orchid/Opal

18" Wild Thing Teaser

18" Sparkling Kitty Duster

Ostrich Tickler Teaser (ON SPECIAL)

Cat Tail Teaser (ON SPECIAL)

Kitty Duster

The Purrfect Feather Cat Toy

The Purrfect Crunchy Feather Cat

The Purrfect FeatherBouncer

Purple Pixie with Wand

Tipsy Teaser

Go!Cat!Go! Snakey Teasers

Purple Corsage Accent Teaser (ON SPECIAL)

Fiesta Wand

Feather Wands with Bell

Boa Fish Teaser

Feather Pom Teaser

Double The Fun Marabou Teasers

Feather, Bell, Tinsel Teaser

Feather and Mylar Teaser

Pheasant Tail Feather

Crazy Feather Refills

Multipet Feather Teasers

Ultra Feather Fluff Refill **NEW**

Ultra Guinea Refill **NEW**

Feather Refills **NEW**

Telescopic Wand with Feather Dangler (Two Feather Attachments)

9 Pack Combo Feather Refill Pack **NEW**

Red and Purple Feather Teaser **NEW**

Wire Chaser Wand **NEW**


Telescopic Wand with One Guinea Feather **NEW**

Tickle Your Fancy Cat Teasers **NEW**

Feather Rattle Teasers (ON SPECIAL)

Red O Teaser (ON SPECIAL)

And White Cat Teaser (ON SPECIAL)

Smile Maraca Feather Teaser (ON SPECIAL)

GoldDuster Teaser (ON SPECIAL)

Marabou Swirl Teasers (ON SPECIAL)

Bead-N-Tease Cat Wand Toy (ON SPECIAL)