Go Cat Teasers

Go Cat is the leading manufacturer of quality Cat Toys in the US. Their impressive range includes Da Bird, which is the most popular teaser on the market, Cat Catcher, Da Ball, a large number of refills that can be used with the Da Bird wand and many other teasers and toys.

Go Cat Rainbow SparklerTeaser Wand

Go Cat Sparkler Teaser

18" Kitty Broom Teaser (ON SPECIAL)

18" Wild Thing Teaser

18" Peacock Sparkler Teaser (ON SPECIAL)

18" Sparkling Kitty Duster

Cat Catcher

Cat Catcher Mice Refill

Ostrich Tickler Teaser (ON SPECIAL)

Cat Tail Teaser (ON SPECIAL)

Kitty Duster

Da Bee **NEW**

Dragonflier Teaser (ON SPECIAL)

Tickler Teaser

Sparkling Tickler Teaser (ON SPECIAL)

Kitty Bopper **NEW**

Da Ball **NEW**