Catnip Cat Toys



Dental Health Chews **Back in stock**

Booda Itty Bitty Batters Caterpillar **NEW**

Fat Cat Boogie Mat **NEW**

KONG Cat CuteSeas Octopus **NEW**

Booda Itty Bitty Batters Lion **NEW**

Tie Dye Plush Cat Toy **NEW**

Clown Fish (2 pack) **NEW**

Kickeroo Stix Mouse **NEW**

Catnip Stick with Feathers **NEW**

Kitten Kickeroo **Back in Stock**

Cat Kuddlerz Bird Toy 12" **NEW**

Multipet Compressed Catnip Mice **NEW**

Petstages Rainbow Caterpillar Cat Toy **NEW**

Cosmic Catnip Banana **Back In Stock**


Kitty Hoots Springy Worms ( 2 Pack) **Back In Stock**

Compressed Catnip Ball with Feather 14cm

Mini Catnip Sock

Da Fur Thing

Cosmic Catnip Hearts

Multipet Katz Kickerz Cat Toy **NEW**


Pink Feather Pillow (ON SPECIAL)


Fairy Fish

Songbird with Chirp


Catnip Sachets

Play-N-Squeak Backyard Cat Toy- Squeaking Raccoon

Look Who's Talking Chicken

Zanies Critters

Play-N-Squeak Whack Attack (Last One) (ON SPECIAL)

Zanies Nutty Owls (ON SPECIAL)

Crinkle Ball Dumbell with Catnip

Tinsel Caterpillar (ON SPECIAL)

Glitter Critters- Larry The Canary (ON SPECIAL)

Corduroy Catnip Bee (ON SPECIAL)

Kong Field Mouse

Catnip Mouse Ball with Tail (ON SPECIAL)

Dr Noys Duckie

Fish Bone Twin Pack (ON SPECIAL)

Cataction Pom Pom Triangle (ON SPECIAL)

Pawbreakers Catnip Ball 17gm

Multipet Katz Kickerz Winter Cat Toy **NEW**

Twisted Kicker Plush Cat Toy - Last One (ON SPECIAL)

Loofa Cat Toy with Catnip **NEW**


Kong Cat Tropics Fish-Orange **NEW**


Kong Cat Tropics Fish-Pink **NEW**


Hat Heads (ON SPECIAL)

Plush Duck with feathers and Catnip (ON SPECIAL)

Plush Fish with Feather Tail and Catnip (ON SPECIAL)

Daddy Pompom Legs (ON SPECIAL)

Cosmic Catnip Dispensing Toy Catnip HighTop (ON SPECIAL)


Cosmic Catnip Dispensing Toy Catnip Bunches Of Fun (ON SPECIAL)



Play-N-Squeak Scamper Mouse (ON SPECIAL)

Play-N-Squeak Bird- Knock-Knock (ON SPECIAL)

Play-N-Squeak Bird - Jay Bird (ON SPECIAL)

Play-N-Squeak Bird - Cardinal (ON SPECIAL)

Play-N-Squeak Bird- Pitts - Bird (ON SPECIAL)

Play-N-Squeak Monkey Mouse (ON SPECIAL)


Play-N-Squeak Fuzzy Mouse (ON SPECIAL)

Cosmic Catnip Snake (ON SPECIAL)

Cosmic Catnip Prickles Cactus (ON SPECIAL)

Dr Noys Feather Top Carrot (ON SPECIAL)

Flea Catnip Toy (ON SPECIAL)- Last One

Perfect Pairs Marrying Ducks (ON SPECIAL)


Fluff Bunnies (ON SPECIAL)

Skinneeez Duck with Catnip (ON SPECIAL)

Sparkle Sunny Crab (ON SPECIAL)

Sparkle Fatty Frog (ON SPECIAL)

Sparkle Ocean Turtle (ON SPECIAL)

Sparkle Fish Bones (ON SPECIAL)

Sparkle Sea Turtle (ON SPECIAL)

Sparkle Mini Turtle (ON SPECIAL)

Sparkle Marvin Mouse (ON SPECIAL)

PetStages Feather Buddy (ON SPECIAL)

Fantastic Feathers Bird Cat Toy (ON SPECIAL)

Frutter Bugs- Butterfly (ON SPECIAL)

Frutter Bugs- Dragonfly (ON SPECIAL)

Frutter Bugs- Caterpillar (ON SPECIAL)

Curly Pet Elephant (ON SPECIAL)

Curly Pet Pig (ON SPECIAL)

Go!Cat!Go! - Boxing Match (ON SPECIAL)

Pyramid Scheme (ON SPECIAL)

Go!Cat!Go! - Feathered Frenzy (ON SPECIAL)

Go!Cat!Go! - Havin' a Ball (ON SPECIAL)

Petstages Tons of Tails Catnip Cat Toy (ON SPECIAL)

SuperCat Catnip Crumples (ON SPECIAL)

Double Fun Toys (ON SPECIAL)

Star Baseball 2 pk (ON SPECIAL)

Loopies Spring Cat Catnip Toy (ON SPECIAL)

Curly Pet Frog (ON SPECIAL)

Kong Fuzzy Bird (ON SPECIAL)

Catnip Moose (ON SPECIAL)

Catnip Monkey (ON SPECIAL)


Bouncing Featherlite Catnip Boa (ON SPECIAL)

Squeaky Featherlite Catnip Boa (ON SPECIAL)

Kong Cat Braidz Pinwheel Cat Toy (ON SPECIAL)