Mouse Toys



Large White Fur Mice **NEW**

Safari Feather Mice **NEW**


Fatty Mouse- Pink **NEW**


Bi-Colour Long Hair Fur Mice **NEW**

Turbo Furry Mice **NEW**

Turbo Felt Mice **NEW**

Shabby Chic Jumbo Mouse **NEW**

Fuzzy Rattle Mice *Back In Stock*

Tinkly Twins

Turbo Mop Mice

Turbo Spotted Mice

Scream Fatty Mouse Cat Toy Loud Orange

Scream Fatty Mouse Yellow **Back In Stock**

Scream Multi-Coloured Mice-4 pack **NEW**

Shabby Chic-Furry Mice (3)

3" Fur Mouse

Baby Feather Mice

Faux Fur Rainbow Mice

Fun For All

Go!Cat!Go! Mini Hairy Mouse

Go!Cat!Go! Mini Mouse in Sheep's Clothing

Holiday Fuzzy Mice

Honeysuckle Tie-Dyed Mice

Mini Glossy Mice

Mini Shock Top Mouse

Mini Stormy Leather Mice

Mini Velvet Vermin Mouse

Mini Wild Mouse

Play-N-Squeak At Night - Twinkle Wild Flingdom

Play-N-Squeak Long Tail Mouse

Play-n-Squeak Raffiamouse

Play-N-Squeak Shake Y'R Tail

Play-N-Squeak Wild Flingdom Cat Toy

Rainbow Sparkle Mice (3 pk)

Savvy Tabby Pastel Snuggle Mice (4 pack)

Small Fur Mouse

Sparkle Mouse

Spring Mouse

Stringy Mice and Stringy Balls (4 pack)

Twice as Nice Mice

Two Tone Fur Mice with Tail Feather

Zanies Fuzzy Mice

Zanies Moppy Mice